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Adventures at Bridal Market, continued, Day 3

DAY THREE, Monday, April 16th

New Designer(s): I had meetings with three potential new designers today, and saw so many beautiful gowns. Am looking forward to more research, and discussing these designers, and the potential designer from DAY TWO with my daughter and my staff. In the midst of seeing all these gowns, I did get the “quote of the day” – “This dress has a really nice ‘take me away’ feeling.” God, I love what I hear sometimes.

Jenny Packham: Jenny Packham’s new showroom, her first in the US and in the super cool meat-packing district of NYC, is like being inside a treasure chest of jewels and gems – gowns and hair ornaments rich in detail, and conceived from an electic influence of past and present. One wall boasts dozens of photos of celebrities wearing Jenny Packham evening wear styles. The new collection of wedding gowns hangs against another wall, just as enchanting on the hanger as they are on the models. Flowers inspired the creation of Jenny’s fall 2012 collection (and each new gown is named after a flower), and it’s so easy to envision Colorado brides loving these gowns for their old Hollywood retro glamour, romance, and alternative styling.

New Jenny Packham  wedding dresses in Denver

Floral features at the waist - Jenny Packham "Hyacinth" and "Lily Rose" gowns

Want to see more Jenny Packham dresses?  Check out our full album on our Facebook page.

Did you know? I have been admiring the full page Jenny Packham ads in bridal magazines since 2007. So excited to be the first and only bridal shop to bring the Jenny Packham bridal collection to Colorado brides in 2012!

Simply Divine: Our four new Jenny Packham gowns arriving at LWD August/September, 2012.

Jenny Packham - our four new wedding gowns

From left to right, “Hyacinth”, “Lily Rose”, “Hibiscus”, and “Azalea”.

Cate Loves:  The variety of gown styles available to today’s bride, it was so limited just 5-10 years ago!   I also love designers who know their niche, style, and bride, and who do it so well that you know just by looking at the gown who the designer is.

Musn’t Forget: To say thank you and I love you to my most tolerant husband for safely getting me from here, there, and everywhere throughout the city, holding my arm in particularly precarious walking conditions in those dang high heels, giving me his coat in the freezing cafeteria at the Pier during lunch on DAY ONE, and for being really involved throughout DAY ONE and DAY TWO, and for gracefully reaching his limit and not being involved at all by DAY THREE. : )

Summary of fall 2012 and preview 2013 bridal fashion trends:

  • Lace, lace, lace
  • Sashes, sashes, sashes
  • Higher necklines, more front and back coverage
  • More gowns with straps, or with sleeves of all lengths-cap, short, 3/4, and full
  • 1-2 short tea/knee length dresses by each designer
  • High slit in front of skirt on a few dresses (inspired by Angelina Jolie’s Oscar gown)
  • Not a lot of bling/crystals/rhinestones on dresses this season, none at all by several designers
  • The use of color – blush, nude, and gold in particular
  • A few more hi-low skirts (inspired by trendsetter Claire Pettibone as presented in her new collection last October 2011).
  • Low, open backs, some with sheer illusion lace, tulle, and/or embroidery and bead work designs (also inspired by Claire Pettibone’s past collections).

Enjoy more wonderful, beautiful, exciting adventures with me at bridal market in NYC in October!

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  1. Amanda says:

    how does the jenny packham hyacinth gown fit to size? i am a street size 7/8. so i was wondering what size i would have to order it in. a UK 12?

    • Kelly Hinde says:

      Hi Amanda! Bridal sizes run a little differently than regular clothing sizes (almost all women are a size or two bigger in bridal sizing than in their normal clothing size). A sample size 10 (or 12 possibly) might work well for you in the Hyacinth gown, but if you purchase from us we order Jenny Packham gowns specific to your measurements to ensure the best fit possible. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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