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Your Menswear Questions: Answered by the Expert

Oftentimes brides ask us questions about what their fiances should wear to complement (but not outshine, of course!) their gorgeous gown. We sat down with Ryan Wagner, Owner of Bespoke Edge, award-winning local custom menswear clothier, to answer some questions we’re often asked regarding menswear.

Wedding Dress Bustles 101

A bustle is a set of buttons, loops and/or ties that lift the train of your gown off the ground and into the skirt to create the illusion of not having a train. A bustle allows the bride to easily dance without dragging around her train and risk being stepped on. A bustle can be anywhere from one to hundreds of points.

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What is Gown Exclusivity and Why Does It Matter?

There’s so much more to Little White Dress than working with gorgeous gowns in a beautiful, historic space. We have the pleasure of having exclusivity with our gowns and designers. Meaning, all of our gowns can only be found at Little White Dress in Colorado. This exclusivity provides our brides with loads of added value including gown customizations, access to some of the industry’s top bridal gown designers, and the peace of mind knowing they’re one of only a few brides wearing their gown!

Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Questions: Answered by the Expert!

Brides often ask how we think they should do their hair based on the different wedding gowns they’re considering. We’re talking with Liz Gonzalez, owner and founder of Beauty on Location and L Style Bar, to help answer any and all wedding hair & makeup questions!