Our Team


Our team at Little White Dress is passionate about what we do. We love being a women-run, women-focused business. We love weddings and fashion. We love being a part of a growing and vibrant creative community in Denver. We love and support one another. We hope our passion shines through in everything we do.


Our Story


Everyone has a story worth sharing. At Little White Dress, YOUR story is what we care about most.

We look forward to listening to anything you’d like to share – not only about what is most important to you for your wedding dress, but also about your fiance, your family and your life. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and your unique story.

Until then, here is just a brief summary of my story. It’s for those of you who may be interested in how Little White Dress Bridal Shop in Colorado came to be, and therefore, what our fundamental business values are.


I was born in Colorado and have lived here most all of my life.  I have always been a true romantic at heart, and love everything about weddings and wedding dresses. I learned about wedding details and planning, and all the wedding gown designers, styles, and fabrics by reading bridal magazines late into the night for many years, in the midst of raising my amazing children and working in environmental conservation and commercial real estate.

Between jobs about 25 years ago, back when “help wanted” ads were in the newspaper, I saw a job posting in the Boulder Daily Camera for an in-house wedding coordinator at the Hotel Boulderado.  That was the first moment that I realized I would LOVE to work in the bridal industry. As a single parent, I needed to stay in my legal/real estate profession to make as much income as possible, but oh, how wonderful I thought it would be to help brides during such a special time in their lives.  It didn’t happen for many years, but ultimately, Dreams Come True, Inc., dba Little White Dress Bridal Shop was finally incorporated with the Colorado Secretary of State in April 2007, we signed the lease for our first location in Castle Rock in October 2007, and we opened our doors to our first brides on January 5, 2008. A bride from Ft. Collins found her perfect wedding gown with me that very first day we were open!

After three years in Castle Rock, we moved the shop to the Highlands neighborhood in Denver, where Little White Dress grew immensely and became a nationally recognized bridal shop. After five wonderful years in the Highlands, helping thousands of women all over Colorado, the United States, and the world find their wedding dress, in early 2016 we moved to a larger space in the restored, historic Epworth Church in RiNo. It's the one-of-a-kind place we feel is our true home for many years to come.

Here’s what I love most:

I love helping women feel confident and special.  I love giving them a beautiful and welcoming place to find the most special article of clothing they will ever purchase and wear.   I love providing my staff with rewarding and meaningful work.  I love being a locally owned and operated business, and I love the opportunity to be the best that we can be each and every day. I love being involved with the Colorado bridal industry.  I love that I have worked very, very hard and have created something that I am proud of. I love meeting some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life.  I love all these gorgeous wedding dresses around me every day, and I love getting goose bumps when a bride is in my shop, in the most amazing/perfect dress for her, and she looks and feels SO beautiful and happy!

My story, who I am, what I care about and love, and our team, has all come together to make Little White Dress Bridal Shop what it is today. I hope you feel welcome here, I hope you feel respected and heard.  Please enjoy finding your very own, hands-down, without-a-doubt, heaven must have sent an angel, I don’t want to take it off, absolutely amazing wedding dress at Little White Dress Bridal Shop!