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We’re Off to New York for Bridal Fashion Week 2014!

Today we’re on the way to New York City for the bi-annual bridal fashion extravaganza known in the industry as Bridal Market! It’s where designers present their new collections to the press and to salons from around the country and world (like us!) with glittering runway shows and glamorous parties. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, right? ;)

It’s also where we choose which gowns will be arriving at Little White Dress next year. We know our beautiful and stylish brides well – and we’re always looking out for what our brides want, in a variety of price points, materials, and styles. Luckily for us, the designers we carry at Little White Dress are the most talented in the industry and always give us an incredible selection to choose from!

Follow along on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a look at Bridal Fashion Week as it’s happening, including all the latest trends we’re seeing, the most fabulous gowns on the runways, and lots more!

In the meantime, here’s a quick glimpse of Bridal Fashion Week in 2013!

The stunning Naeem Khan presentation

The stunning Naeem Khan presentation

Claire Pettibone's shows are always romantic and dreamy!

Claire Pettibone’s shows are always romantic and dreamy!

Bridal Fashion Week isn't just about the gowns - we get to pick our our new accessories too!

Bridal Fashion Week isn’t just about the gowns – we get to pick our our new accessories too!

Photo Oct 13, 23 25 21

Fashion-forward, feminine, and sophisticated – RIVINI’s shows never disappoint!

Picking out our new Jenny Packham gowns is like being a kid in a candy shop!

Picking out our new Jenny Packham gowns is like being a kid in a candy shop!

Bridal Market is always capped off by the most fabulous parties, including The Knot Gala, held annually at the spectacular New York Public Library

Bridal Market is always capped off by the most fabulous parties, including The Knot Gala, held annually at the spectacular New York Public Library


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{Bridal Fashion Week} Day 2: Claire Pettibone and Some Exciting News!

We had such an amazing day at Bridal Market.

For most of the day we were at Pier 94, which is where many designers show their collections. We heard someone say that walking through the Pier is like “Bridal Christmas,” and that is really the best way to describe it. There are rows and rows of gowns and accessories from dozens and dozens of designers – SO many beautiful things to look at! But with our goals and priorities in mind (and a very organized schedule!), we were able to focus throughout the day on what our brides are going to love most.


The entrance to Pier 94 (also known as “Bridal Christmas”!)

First off, we saw the stunning runway show of one of our favorite designers, Claire Pettibone. Colorado brides are going to LOVE her new collection (called “Still Life” after beautiful Old World paintings).


Claire Pettibone’s runway show included a runway covered in ombre rose petals, great music, and THE most beautiful collection of gowns.


We all agree that this is our favorite Claire Pettibone collection yet!

At our one-on-one appointment with Claire Pettibone after the runway show, we had a really tough time narrowing down which gowns to carry at Little White Dress, but we know we picked THE most amazing dresses for our brides.

One of our new Claire Pettibone gowns! We can't wait to show you the rest!

One of our new Claire Pettibone gowns! We can’t wait to show you the rest!

The LWD ladies with Claire Pettibone after she showed us each and every gown from her new collection.

The LWD ladies with Claire Pettibone after she showed us each and every gown from her new collection.

Then, we had some inspiring and beautiful appointments with designers that we don’t currently have at Little White Dress. And…. we have some very exciting news to announce in the coming days! Today we picked up not one, but TWO incredible bridal gown designers that are new to Colorado (AND an accessories line that we’re really excited about!)!

The first designer that is new to Colorado and the Little White Dress collection is a young yet established talent with breathtaking gowns that are accessible to many brides. We know that our brides are going to fall in love with these sparkling and flattering gowns!

Here is just a preview of what’s to come with one of our new designers.

The second new addition is a designer who is known all around the world, who has dressed celebrity after celebrity for the red carpet, and who has what we’ve heard described as “Sure to be the most talked about collection of this Bridal Fashion Week.” Each and every gown is handmade to perfection. From the fabrics to the beading to the fit, construction, and style, these gowns are the definition of couture quality and design. We are so thrilled to bring these gowns to Colorado brides, and we know that our brides will just melt over this beautiful collection. Stay tuned for our big announcement! In the meantime, any guesses?

Just a hint about our BIG new designer: all these celebrities and many more have worn this designer on the red carpet! Any guesses?

Just a hint about our BIG new designer: all these celebrities and many more have worn this designer on the red carpet! Any guesses?


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Little White Dress is Ready for Bridal Fashion Week!

What does it take to get ready for the biggest week of the year in bridal fashion? It involves… Listening closely to what our brides are telling us they want. Months of strategizing about the direction we want to take Little White Dress. Lots of research about all the dozens and dozens of designers from all around the world who invited us to see their new collections. Refining our schedule so we can fit in all the runway shows and appointments. And in the last few days, it means planning, packing, and primping! (After all, it takes some very special shoes to handle running all around New York while looking fabulous!)

Photo Oct 09, 14 57 33

Bridal Market takes some careful outfit planning! We like to mix go-anywhere neutrals with graphic prints and pops of memorable color. And of course some fab shoes!

Are you ready for Bridal Fashion Week? Luckily, all you have to do to prepare is follow Little White Dress on social media. We’ll be bringing you all the runway shows, behind-the-scenes with designers, and the best parties via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to follow along October 11th – 15th, and tell us what you think about the styles you’re seeing!




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A Look Back at Bridal Market 2012

This time of year in the bridal fashion industry feels like a birthday, New Year’s Eve, and the 4th of July all at the same time. As we prepare for all our buying decisions at Bridal Market in New York each October, we are literally counting the days until we get to experience the sheer joy, delight, excitement, and adventure that IS the celebration of all things bridal fashion at Market. We carefully consider our stylish brides’ every desire as we meet with our current designers and potential designers and see their new collections, with gorgeous runway shows and parties all thrown into the mix. As we eagerly anticipate a VERY busy upcoming trip to New York, we hope you’ll enjoy a few of our favorite moments from last year’s Bridal Market!

Photo Sep 25, 12 53 38

Claire Pettibone’s runway show was drop dead gorgeous, as usual!

Photo Sep 25, 11 51 26

Rivini’s modern romantic gowns were beautiful at their show at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.

Photo Sep 25, 13 29 12

Glimpses of New York City’s charms between shows, Randy sightings, and the occasional glass of champagne during an appointment – don’t mind if we do!

Photo Sep 25, 12 49 10

Jenny Packham’s runway show was stunning in every way!

Photo Sep 25, 12 50 19

Red-carpet worthy gowns at the Badgley Mischka showroom.

Photo Sep 25, 12 57 53

Matthew Christopher’s runway show took the cake for the most fun place to be on a Monday morning!

Photo Sep 25, 12 55 16

What better way to toast the end of Bridal Market with a gorgeous gala hosted by The Knot at the iconic New York Public Library? Cheers to another successful Bridal Market!

Stay tuned as we tell you about all our preparations for this year’s bridal market! We know it’s going to be our best market yet. And don’t forget to check in with Little White Dress Bridal Shop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram October 10th – 15th for live coverage from New York and in the days following for a full recap of all the fabulous details!



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Designers Carried by LWD in Denver · Events · Fashion

Adventures at Bridal Market, continued, Day 3

DAY THREE, Monday, April 16th

New Designer(s): I had meetings with three potential new designers today, and saw so many beautiful gowns. Am looking forward to more research, and discussing these designers, and the potential designer from DAY TWO with my daughter and my staff. In the midst of seeing all these gowns, I did get the “quote of the day” – “This dress has a really nice ‘take me away’ feeling.” God, I love what I hear sometimes.

Jenny Packham: Jenny Packham’s new showroom, her first in the US and in the super cool meat-packing district of NYC, is like being inside a treasure chest of jewels and gems – gowns and hair ornaments rich in detail, and conceived from an electic influence of past and present. One wall boasts dozens of photos of celebrities wearing Jenny Packham evening wear styles. The new collection of wedding gowns hangs against another wall, just as enchanting on the hanger as they are on the models. Flowers inspired the creation of Jenny’s fall 2012 collection (and each new gown is named after a flower), and it’s so easy to envision Colorado brides loving these gowns for their old Hollywood retro glamour, romance, and alternative styling.

New Jenny Packham  wedding dresses in Denver

Floral features at the waist - Jenny Packham "Hyacinth" and "Lily Rose" gowns

Want to see more Jenny Packham dresses?  Check out our full album on our Facebook page.

Did you know? I have been admiring the full page Jenny Packham ads in bridal magazines since 2007. So excited to be the first and only bridal shop to bring the Jenny Packham bridal collection to Colorado brides in 2012!

Simply Divine: Our four new Jenny Packham gowns arriving at LWD August/September, 2012.

Jenny Packham - our four new wedding gowns

From left to right, “Hyacinth”, “Lily Rose”, “Hibiscus”, and “Azalea”.

Cate Loves:  The variety of gown styles available to today’s bride, it was so limited just 5-10 years ago!   I also love designers who know their niche, style, and bride, and who do it so well that you know just by looking at the gown who the designer is.

Musn’t Forget: To say thank you and I love you to my most tolerant husband for safely getting me from here, there, and everywhere throughout the city, holding my arm in particularly precarious walking conditions in those dang high heels, giving me his coat in the freezing cafeteria at the Pier during lunch on DAY ONE, and for being really involved throughout DAY ONE and DAY TWO, and for gracefully reaching his limit and not being involved at all by DAY THREE. : )

Summary of fall 2012 and preview 2013 bridal fashion trends:

  • Lace, lace, lace
  • Sashes, sashes, sashes
  • Higher necklines, more front and back coverage
  • More gowns with straps, or with sleeves of all lengths-cap, short, 3/4, and full
  • 1-2 short tea/knee length dresses by each designer
  • High slit in front of skirt on a few dresses (inspired by Angelina Jolie’s Oscar gown)
  • Not a lot of bling/crystals/rhinestones on dresses this season, none at all by several designers
  • The use of color – blush, nude, and gold in particular
  • A few more hi-low skirts (inspired by trendsetter Claire Pettibone as presented in her new collection last October 2011).
  • Low, open backs, some with sheer illusion lace, tulle, and/or embroidery and bead work designs (also inspired by Claire Pettibone’s past collections).

Enjoy more wonderful, beautiful, exciting adventures with me at bridal market in NYC in October!


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