Beauty Tips for Fit for a Bride

Wedding day make up
To help all our Little White Dress Bridal Shop brides look and feel great on their wedding day, here are some of our personal favorite wedding makeup and beauty tips. Perfect for Denver brides and everyone.... enjoy!
  1. Eat healthy foods and drinks lots of water.You want your body to feel nutrient-rich and full of energy leading up to and on your special day. Whenever I have a big event, I load up on fresh veggies, fruits and proteins. You'll feel great if you put great things in your body.
  2. Get pampered. Treat yourself to a massage, mani and pedi the day before your wedding. A little pampering never hurt anyone, right?  Get your facials done a week before the wedding.
  3. Go for an evening look. Regardless of the time of day of your wedding, you'll want your makeup to be applied for a more dramatic evening look, as the  photos may wash you out.
  4. Go pro. Hiring a makeup artist can be a wonderful treat to ensure you get the glam or natural look you're shooting for. Two makeup artists I particularly like are Rachael from Girls and Curls and Sally and Bre with Alchemy Mineral Blends. I have other fab referrals too, so call us if you want more names.  Remember to keep touch-up makeup in your handbag because your makeup artist may not be able to stay throughout your wedding and reception.