Claire Pettibone Says Don't Worry About Trends; Pick a Dress True to You

Last week, Claire Pettibone, a wedding dress designer exclusively carried in Colorado at Little White Dress Bridal Shop, shared with brides why they should stop concerning themselves with trends and rather focus on being true to themselves.

In a contributed article in the Huffington Post, "What Are the Latest Bridal Trends? Who Cares?!," Pettibone discusses why wedding trends come and go, but a bride should always try to be true to herself and her family's traditions.

She says, "A wedding is beyond trends: it's the opposite of trends. It is meaningful, and genuine, and one day that symbolizes something that is supposed to LAST. Not for a day, or a season, or until the next big thing comes along, but for your LIFETIME!"

So how does Pettibone think brides can avoid falling into the "trends" trap?

She says, "You probably can't [avoid it], but here's a tip when it comes to the dress: be true to yourself." She recommends staying true to your own style, not some "bridal mold" you're supposed to fit into, as well as picking a wedding  gown that "moves you" and makes you feel happy, beautiful and at your best.

Perhaps her best words of wisdom come in this antidote, "Choose a gown that you will look back 20 years from now and think, 'Wow, look how young we were' (even if you aren't that young, 20 years from now, trust me, you'll revise that opinion!). You will look back and see how in love you were, and if you pay more attention to choosing the right partner than obsessing over silhouettes and table settings, hopefully you still will be [married]!"

We couldn't agree more with the beautiful Claire Pettibone, who we think resists the urge to design her wedding dresses based on bridal trends and rather focuses on creating gowns that are true works of art made for brides with unique styles of their own.

You can read Pettibone's full article online at the Huffington Post.

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