Just Married! Darby Mills Says, "I Do" in Wedding Gown by Robert Bullock Bride

Bride: Darby Mills Little White Dress bride Darby Mills

Wedding Date? August 4th, 2012

Wedding Location? Crested Butte, CO (Uley's Cabin)

Dress Designer? Robert Bullock Bride

Sash Designer? Love Veils & Accessories (Breckenridge Sash)

When we first spoke with Darby post-wedding, she told us she had so much fun in her dress. Specifically, she said "In my dress, I took my bike around town, climbed a 6 foot ladder, rode a chair lift, trekked around on a mountaintop through the woods and on a mountain biking trail, walked down a spiral staircase barefoot, danced my heart out, and married my guy at 12,000 ft in the sunshine!"

As you can imagine, we had a lot of questions for her!

LWD: Why was being able to be active in your dress important to you?

Darby: Why get married on a mountaintop if you can't have fun doing it!?!

LWD: How come you chose the dress you chose?

Darby: My father passed away, but when he met my mom he fell for her wearing a dress that buttoned down. I really wanted something that buttoned all the way down the back to make me think of him. When I put my dress on it fit like a glove and I knew I could be comfortable in it all day while still feeling beautiful. I also wanted something with a classic look that I wouldn't worry about one day looking back and wondering what was I thinking when I wore that!

LWD: Tell me about the theme or feel for your wedding and how your dress played a part in it?

Darby:  Fun and local. We love Crested Butte. It's such a beautiful place and we didn't want to get married anywhere else. We knew it would be a big effort for our guests to join us and we wanted to focus on saying "thank you" to each of them by making the day (and entire weekend) about all of us being there together. We used local vendors and products for almost everything and tried to provide amenities and adventure for everyone. My dress allowed me to join in all the fun whether it was riding the ski lift, taking pictures around town and all over the mountaintop, or dancing all night with our guests.

Little White Dress bride Darby Mills2

LWD:  Use three words to describe your wedding day look?

Darby:  Classy, natural, ME.

LWD: What is your best piece of advice for future brides when it comes to planning a wedding, picking a dress or any topic related?

Darby:  Just have fun and remember why you are getting married. So much time is spent obsessing over little things that most likey won't even matter on the big day. We had a few things go wrong or get left out but we were all having too much fun to care!

LWD: What will you do with your dress now?

Darby: Great question. So far it's still hanging in my basement in the garment bag....beyond that is yet to be determined!