Just Married! Little White Dress Bride Courtney Kuepper!

Courtney in Claire Pettibone

Wedding Date: June 16, 2012

Wedding Location: Nosara, Costa Rica

Courtney Kuepper is a Little White Dress bride who got married this summer. Please join us to learn more about her wedding dress journey and her experiences at Little White Dress....

LWD: Tell us about your dress?

Courtney: It was Claire Pettibone's "Cassandra" dress with a Sassi Holford sash and a custom veil and head piece from Veil Trends.

LWD: Why did you decide to buy your dress at Little White Dress?

Courtney: LWD was the second shop I went to. I went mainly because of the store's wonderful reputation. A girlfriend of mine had purchased her wedding gown there, and raved about it. The selection of designers at different price points was super appealing. Also, it is just a really lovely place and an "experience" rather than a place to buy a dress.

Courtney in Claire Pettibone

LWD: What was the reason you chose the dress you did?

Courtney: In one word: LACE! It was soft, not shiny or stiff, which is what kept me from trying on most lace dresses. I never imagined myself in the dress I picked, but something drew me to it. It felt special and different, but not over the top. It was me. The dress was light and the lining was super soft. We got married on a beach, and the material was just dreamy.

LWD: What are three words you'd use to describe the way you felt in your dress?

Courtney: Timeless. Gorgetastic. ME!

LWD: What are you going to do with your dress now that your wedding day is over?

Courtney: If I had a giant walk-in closet, I would frame my dress and hang it up. Sadly we do not. We are moving out of the country soon, so it has to be confined to a prison (aka garment bag) for a while. I'll give it lots of cuddles first though!

LWD: What is the best part about being officially married?

Courtney: That forever feeling. I'm not sure how to describe it, but knowing that we have this an entire "forever" to look forward to is so beautiful and exciting.

LWD: What advice would you give a new bride when it comes to getting the best wedding day look?

Courtney: When you hear that little voice saying, "gosh this is gorgeous, but it's totally not me/wouldn't look good," TRY IT ON! That perfect dress is hiding where you least expect it.