Just Married! Little White Dress Bride Kristina Nelson!

Wedding Date: April 28, 2012 Reception Location: Clyfford Still Museum (Denver, CO)

One of our very own brides shared her dress shopping and wedding day experiences with us!  Kristina is stunning in her Matthew Christopher gown, don't you agree?!  Enjoy!

Little White Dress Bridal Shop Featured Bride: Kristina Nelson

LWD:  How many dresses did you try on until you found the "one"?

Kristina: At least 100 :)

LWD: How do you think your dress reflected your unique sense of style?

Kristina: My Matthew Christopher Moet gown was the perfect blend of structured detail and softness. The pleats on the bodice and hem echoed the architectural details of our art museum reception venue. I loved how the straps we added were built up with the same detail on the bodice. The dress is simple and elegant and was perfect for me!

LWD: What was your favorite part of the dress shopping experience?

Kristina: I loved seeing the creativity of the different designers, especially in Matthew. It was so much fun to work with him to customize my gown.

LWD: What advice would you give a bride about wedding dress shopping that you wish you knew?

Kristina: Have fun! Enjoy the process and you'll know when it's the right one.

LWD: What was the one part of your wedding that you wish you could freeze frame and do again in slow motion?

Kristina: Walking down the asile after we had just been married. I was so happy and it was such a great feeling to look around at everyone that was gathered to see Michael and I get married.

LWD: What did your groom say to you after he saw you in your gown?

Kristina: He kept telling me how beautiful I was all day! I'll never forget how it felt to wear my gown and feel that beautiful!

LWD: What do you plan to do with your dress now that the wedding is over?

Kristina: I plan on cleaning it and keeping it, who knows, maybe I'll have a daughter that will want to wear it or re-imagine it for her special day.