Just Married! Little White Dress Bride Season Hurd!

Wedding Date: August 13, 2011 Location:  Taharaa Mountain Lodge, Estes Park, Co

A Little White Dress Bridal Shop bride, Season Hurd, shares her wedding dress story and how Little White Dress Bridal Shop made her feel uniquely special...

Season Hurd wedding dress

LWD: Why did you decide to buy your dress at Little White Dress?

Season: My mom wanted to see me try on my first dresses when she was here for Thanksgiving so we went to another bridal store that Saturday. The experience was so underwhelming that I actually almost cried. Nothing about it felt special, I didn't feel attractive in the dresses and I was so discouraged. As we looked through all the clippings I had in my dress folder, we realized that I pinned Justin Alexander's 8465 (the champagne party dress with the amazing dimensional lace on top that was EVERYWHERE that year). I was convinced it was the one and wanted my mom there when I tried on the last dress. The problem was that it was Saturday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend with no advanced warning. I called Little White Dress and they were willing to take me on short notice the next day. Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend? You guys rock!

When I got there we really liked the dress. But we liked the ambiance more. Being in a real boutique with designer dresses made me feel so special. Every girl should have that moment. Then I felt like my dress shopping was over so fast that I figured it couldn't hurt to try on a few more to keep the fun going. I had been eyeing one out of my price range from another rack the whole time. When I tried on that dress there wasn't a dry eye in our party. The truly amazing thing is that you guys were the only ones in the state who carried this dress. If I didn't drive an hour on a holiday weekend to try on another dress, I would have never found mine. It was meant to be!

LWD:  Who did you bring with you to help decide on your dress?

Season:  My mother and my MOH Aimee.

LWD: What are three words you'd use to describe the way you felt in your dress?

Season:  Beautiful. Elegant. Timeless.

LWD:  What is the best part about being officially married?

Season: His parents stopped bugging us! But in all seriousness, it was that we began our family that day. I can't think of a better, more exciting way to start a marriage than a really memorable wedding. Then shortly after we got pregnant and have since had a son, Caleb. Being married was the first step to the completeness we feel with our little family.

LWD:  What advice would you give a new bride when it comes to getting the best wedding day look?

Season: I have several bits of advice:

  1. Regardless of where you end up buying, every girl deserves that moment in the boutique when all the ladies coo over you. It will be one of the best memories of your life.
  2. Consider your body shape and know that a really good seamstress can make your dress even better than it was designed!
  3. Try on lots of dresses... do not deprive yourself of the joy of trying on gorgeous wedding gowns!
  4. You really, truly can tell the difference in the way a more expensive dress is made. They are designed to provide support where it's important so that the dress holds itself up from lower on the torso instead of smooshing you up top (in the case of a strapless). The reason they are pricier is because a lot of love, creativity, and thought went into them.