Just Married! Nina B. Feels "Sexy" in Elizabeth Fillmore's Bridal Gown

Wedding Date: June 2, 2012
Wedding Location: Log Cabin Club (St. Louis, MO)
Dress Designer: Elizabeth Fillmore "Cora"

Little White Dress Featured Bride, Nina B., in Elizabeth Fillmore Cora

LWD: Why did you decide to buy your dress at Little White Dress?

Nina: I'd driven by several times and was just attracted to the display and the look of the salon. It's very warm and welcoming!

LWD:  Who did you bring with you to help decide on your dress?

Nina: My daughter

LWD: What was the reason you chose the dress you did?

Nina: My daughter has very excellent taste and a great eye! She is the one who picked my dress out and urged me to try it on.

LWD: What are three words you'd use to describe the way you felt in your dress?

Nina: Classy. Amazing. Stylishly Sexy.

LWD: What are you going to do with your dress now that you're wedding day is over?

Nina: Keep it. I may possibly re-imagine it shorter, and for sure keep it for my daughter.

LWD: What is the best part about being officially married?

Nina: That we, after reconnecting 24 years after high school (we grew up together), couldn't be happier/more complete/more challenged/excited about our future together.

LWD:  What advice would you give a new bride when it comes to getting the best wedding day look?

Nina: Well, my advice is a little different as ours was a second wedding. But in reality I'd wish this for every bride. Make sure your look fits the mood, theme, and dress, but more importantly that your look for the day is one that enhances you rather than changes you. I asked for some make-up advice but that was pretty much it. I worked out in order to just feel fit and comfortable. Your dress, your flowers, the music, all are integral pieces to a very special day - but the most important pieces of all are you and your husband-to-be and THAT is the look that will shine through! I felt amazing that day - the entire day through. The best part of all was the look on my husband's face the first time he saw me. I will carry that memory forever in my heart.

Just Married