Megan + Matthew's Romantic Garden Wedding

Denver Botanic Garden Wedding | Liancarlo gown from Little White Dress | Kara Pearson Photography

Megan and Matthew's late summer wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens is near and dear to us because Megan is one of our stylists here at Little White Dress! Megan has the sweetest, kindest personality, and her wedding to Matthew reflects a sweet romance between them. And, unsurprisingly, Megan's dress and accessories are just perfect for her in every way. We love how a few rain showers didn't put a damper on their day, and the way Megan's look complements the garden venue is spot on.

Megan gave us some insight on her wedding, on choosing a gown when you're a wedding dress expert, and on advice that she gives to all the brides she works with. Enjoy!

How did you and Matthew meet?

We met on a volunteer trip with our church to Los Angeles. It's a long bus ride from Denver to LA.  We ended up talking the whole time and found out we had a lot in common. We decided to stay in touch after the trip. 

How did you choose your Liancarlo gown? 

I knew I wanted something light weight with a soft and romantic, yet dramatic look.  Liancarlo is known for his lace patterns, light weight gowns and unique combination of classic and new.  It luckily happened that my mom and sister were able to join me during our Liancarlo trunk show. I had several towns in the shop I wanted to try just from staring at them all day, but I was immediately drawn to how the Liancarlo gowns fit me and felt on.  My mom picked out the one I ended up choosing. It had the volume I had always wanted and a very soft look that went well with the Botanic Gardens.  When it was down to the final two, I never thought I'd be able to make a decision, but Tayler [our Sales Manager] told me to focus on how each felt on, and if I put on one did I miss being in the other? As she zipped me in my gown, I realized this was how I wanted to feel on my wedding day.  Then the decision was easy. 

Was it easier or more difficult to choose your wedding dress considering you are a wedding dress expert for a living?

It was easier in some ways, and more difficult in others.  More difficult because I think my favorite gown changed every day with new gowns arriving and seeing tons of gorgeous dresses everyday. Easier because I was able to recognize when a shape wasn't working for me, and then able to let it go knowing there would be better gowns.  I also knew what gowns were out there and how to find the elements I had always dreamed of.  I think the only thing that really made it easier was that I was able to answer my own questions about the process and designers and timeframe. 

What is your favorite memory from your wedding?  

Oh, there were so many wonderful moments.  I think my favorite was just the feeling of pure euphoria of recessing at the ceremony.  It was right after the kiss and being declared husband and wife, and the cheers from our family and friends surrounded us.  And feeling Matthew's hand in mine as we ran down the aisle to that applause was just amazing.

What is your best advice to brides choosing their wedding dress? 

Trust yourself.  Only you can see your vision for the wedding and know how you want to look and feel.  There are so many beautiful dresses out there, and chances are you'll look downright amazing in several. But you'll know which one checks off all your boxes and makes you feel like a bride and most like you.