Mike's 'House Rules' For LWD's Cate, Malea & Courtney

Meet Mike. Mike is shop owner Cate Malone's husband and right-hand-man for all things LWD. Mike accompanies Cate on all buying trips to ensure - well, let's be honest - that she doesn't shop TOO much while she's away! And to make sure only the highest quality gowns and accessories are selected for LWD. He's quite the style icon, some might say.

Since Cate and Mike - along with LWD Bridal Consultants Malea and Courtney - are leaving tomorrow for New York's International Bridal Market....AND because they'll all be sharing a rented condo together for the next few days in the Big Apple, Mike set a few 'House Rules' for the troop while they're away.

(this is Mike, with Cate)

Mike's House Rules for NYC:

1) I am not your dad, husband (except for Cate) or boyfriend. I am, however, a gentleman. I will carry your bags up one flight of steps and only one (of the 5 that it takes to get to the 5th floor walk-up we rented).

2) There are only 1.5 bathrooms, so limited time for each of us. I will be bringing an egg timer and posting a time limit by activity. Shower - 5 mins. Teeth brushing - 3 mins. Hair curling and straightening - bring a razor...and so on. If you have a Sonic toothbrush, lower your standards to a manual toothbrush for the weekend.

3) We are on a tight schedule with meetings every hour and taxi rides between buildings. Take dramamine for taxi's, protein bars to keep your strength up and gum to keep your breath fresh. I know where to get the mimosa's, so breakfast every morning is covered.

4) We have dinners and/or parties every night, so no complaining about hauling around the old people (eh-hemm). Get us home and tucked in by 11pm and you can have the rest of the evening to club, or whatever you young, married people do.

5) Please bring your favorite pain killer for morning after #4 above. There will be no excuse for failure to perform.

6) If , after #4 above, you don't come back to the condo until morning because you're out galavanting the fashionable streets of NYC and people-watching, bring bagels. There will be no excuse for early morning arrivals without bagels.

7) Have fun!

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