Romantic Royal History & Wearing White Lace

Romantic History Pop Quiz:

With all this talk about Royal weddings, we thought it would be fun to fancy a few Royal wedding facts...and our favorite was all about the color white!

Did you know that Queen Victoria popularized the use of white lace in bridal gowns at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840? Instead of wearing traditional brocade, which was popular at the time (in any color!), she said her vows in a white satin gown  and veil made from handmade Honiton lace.  The only spot of color was a sapphire brooch that the Prince had given her as a wedding present. After that, even common women - those other than Royalty - chose a royalty-inspired white gown instead of the simple Sunday-Best dress that used to be good enough.

Today, white lace takes on an entirely new view - be it amped up and sexy on the runway, or toned down into a casual cotton eyelet for the perfect summer sundress - in every way it's overtly feminine and the drama is in the details. Why? Texture on timeless white is one of those luxurious elements that adds the kind of intimate, curious dimension that makes you want to reach out and touch it!

So how do you wear white lace without looking like Grandma's coffee table doily? Sexy or sweet, follow these helpful tips:

  • Try lace with clean accessories! Adding a veil or headpiece with too much ruffly or beaded frou-frou may overpower the beauty of the gown, so be mindful!
  • Control your urge for over-the-top accessories! Baubles should be simple and delicate, and handbags should have a bit of structure and discreet hardwear. Remember, anything else on you body could snag the lace if you're not careful about your selections!
  • The perfect shoe? Typically light neutral colors work best to not overpower the lace, plus they'll match the airiness of the lace. Don't be afraid to show a little toe!

Below are a few of our favorite lace details right now!