Taylor and Ross' Summer Wedding in Telluride


Taylor and Ross married at the breathtaking San Sophia Overlook with ceremony views of Telluride and the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Their ceremony aesthetic captured the natural beauty of the mountaintop with accents of pampas grass, greenery and blush and ivory florals. To say their wedding was spectacular would be an understatement!

Beautiful bride Taylor chose the Sloan gown by Matthew Christopher and paired it with a custom cape. Taylor wanted a show-stopping accessory, so she worked with her stylist to customize our Winterfell veil to create her beautiful detachable cape.

When talking with Taylor, we learned she never envisioned herself in a gown like Sloan, but after trusting her stylist at LWD, she fell in love! Read on for more!

LWD: Tell us a little about your gown shopping experience. What were you looking for in a dress and how did you narrow it down to your favorites?

Taylor: Oddly enough, I was VERY excited to shop at another shop and was SO turned off by my experience there (as well as their gown selection). My maid of honor had booked back-to-back appointments at another shop and then at LWD so by the time I showed up at LWD I was frustrated and discouraged; the experience had not been what I had expected. That all changed at LWD. Not only was LWD’s dress selection more comprehensive, but my stylist Nancy made my experience SO fun for me and my girls.


LWD: How did you end up deciding on your Matthew Christopher wedding dress? What did you love most about your dress?

Taylor: Nancy actually pulled my Matthew Christopher gown and made my try it even though I was hesitant. It was NOT the style and fit I had in mind for my dress. After frustratingly trying on countless gowns I THOUGHT I would like, I finally tried on the Matthew Christopher Sloan gown and it was like the room stopped. The second I stepped out of the dressing room I knew, and so did all my ladies!

LWD: What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Taylor: Being in one room with so many people we loved was hands-down the highlight of our day. That said, the hour our photographer took us out for sunset pictures the most special moment we had together. The ceremony was over and had been perfect, the nerves were gone, and we had an hour with just the two of us and Preston to laugh and soak in a “still” moment together while we watched the last moments of sunlight of our wedding day. It’s a moment we’ll never forget.


LWD: Do you have any advice for brides going through the process of finding their wedding dress?

Taylor: Keep an open mind! In my case, Nancy had to force me to try something outside of what I “knew” I wanted. I am so incredibly thankful she did. I felt timeless, elegant and perfect in my dress! I had SO many people ask the designer of my dress, stating how different and stunning it was. I am so thankful I went the direction I did and it was all due to someone else knowing what I needed during one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life (dress shopping). So my advice would be to trust the expert and be open to stepping out in a direction that you may not have expected.