Trend Report: Bridal Fashion Week 2018

We’ve just returned from New York, where we had an incredible time at Bridal Fashion Week viewing our designers’ new collections and picking out all the gowns we’re bringing to Little White Dress in 2019! After getting a firsthand look at TONS of gowns in all different price points, we can confidently say that you’ll be seeing these 5 trends in 2019 when it comes to bridal design.

The Silhouette: Soft A-Line

Ok, ladies: this is THE silhouette. It’s not a ball gown, it’s not a fit-and-flare, it’s not even a traditional A-line. We’re calling it the Soft A-Line. This silhouette does all the right things by showing off the waistline, barely skimming the curves of the hips, and then flowing subtly into a fuller skirt. We love this combo-silhouette since it’s so flattering on every body type, it works for more casual and more formal gowns, and it’s done SO well by practically every designer we saw.

These versions below are by: Mira Zwillinger, Galia Lahav, Lela Rose, and Sassi Holford

The Inspiration: Meghan Markle Mania

It’s probably not surprising that the wedding of 2018 is inspiring designers for 2019! What we were pleasantly surprised by was how each of our designers accomplished their own stunning take on the look, using her reception dress as the main inspiration.

Below: Lela Rose’s take on Meghan Markle’s reception look was hands down our favorite. Is has the same high-neck, clean crepe look, and then a totally WOW back that is 100% Lela Rose. It’s a great dress for brides who want a little something elegant, a little something unexpected, and a little something boho.

Another favorite: the Carolina Herrera gown inspired by Meghan Markle. In an ultra-luxurious fabric and with a bow that makes it clear that this gown is a Carolina Herrera, we’re thinking: this is the version Meghan should have actually worn!

Below: We loved these two versions, from Anne Barge and Sassi Holford respectively, because they were essentially combinations of Meghan Markle’s ceremony and reception dresses - long sleeves and a fitted skirt. The unique neckline and bodice pleating of the Anne Barge version makes for a totally flattering fit, and the Sassi Holford version has a low, open back, lending a hint of skin to an otherwise covered-up look.

The Neckline: Off-the-Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder look is EVERYWHERE, in many variations. from refined and structured to completely boho. In any style, off-the-shoulder sleeves is a romantic touch that is both of-the-moment and utterly timeless.

These versions below are by (in order): Lela Rose, Anne Barge, Mira Zwillinger, Galia Lahav, and Lis Simon.

The Accessory: The Matching Statement Veil

This Bridal Fashion Week, we saw many veils that were specifically made to match the dress. Using the same lace, embroidery, or materials as the dress, these matching veils completely elevate the entire look and are such an elegant way to accessorize.

We were head over heels for these versions below by: Mira Zwillinger, Galia Lahav, Naeem Khan, and Carolina Herrera.

The Embellishment: Feathers

It’s certainly not for every bride, but feathers are such a fun alternative to lace, beading, or embroidery when it comes to embellishment. We saw different versions of feathers from designers Justin Alexander, Sassi Holford, and Calla Blanche - from full feather skirts, to feather hemlines, to feather accents alongside beading.

Our new 2019 gowns start arriving next month! Schedule your appointment to see our amazing selection of gowns!