Yay You're Engaged! Accessorizing Your Bridal Look

Continued from our series…

Once you’ve found the dress, it’s time to complete your bridal look with accessories! At LWD, we have a wide selection of veils, headpieces, earrings, necklaces and more! Oftentimes a bide needs to try on some accessories to feel truly bridal. Many of our brides choose her accessories the day she chooses her gown. If you’re not ready to decide on accessories at that time, we offer accessories appointments for brides who want to come back in, try on their gown again and decide on those perfect finishing touches.

There are a few things to consider when selection your bridal accessories!

Do you want a veil? Some brides always imagined themselves wearing a veil on their wedding day, and some feel a veil is too traditional. We encourage all brides to at least try on one or two veils - many who didn’t think they’d want one end up truly feeling like a bride once she’s wearing a veil! And plus: it’s the ONE day of your life you get to wear this super fun accessory (at least in public!). Once a bride has selected her dress, she’ll work closely with her stylist to determine the best veil for her gown. Veils come in a variety of lengths and shapes, with some having lace, embroidery, beading or just plain tulle. Some veils even come in fun colors, some have tassel fringe, some have 3D appliques. A unique, statement veil is a great way to show some personality, especially if your dress is understated.

How do you imagine your hair on your wedding day? Knowing whether you want your hair up, down or in the between is helpful when selecting your headpiece. We have a variety of amazing pins, combs, and headpieces that can be worn with a veil or during the reception after the veil is removed. It’s helpful for our stylists to know a bride’s desired hair style when selecting accessories.

Silver, Gold or Rose Gold? Once the gown is chosen, the bride is often able to envision what kind of metal will work best with her gown. Whether you fall in love with an accessory in gold, silver, or rose gold, many accessories we carry can be ordered in whichever color the bride is wanting.

Customize your accessories! Some of the accessory designers we carry at LWD offer the option to customize a piece if a bride is wanting something a little different than the sample piece we have in-store. We’ve had brides combine several headpieces to create the exact headpiece she was dreaming of. We can often also change stone colors (to bring in “something blue”, for example!).

Budgeting for your accessories: We offer accessories in every price point. Veils can be priced anywhere from $175 to $3,500 or more, and jewelry and headpieces typically run between about $100 and $1,500: as with gowns, the more intricate, embellished, and handcrafted pieces often cost more than simpler pieces. What you choose is just that: entirely your choice. We’ll help you navigate all the options in every price point so you’re purchasing accessories that are in your budget and make you look and feel exactly how you want to on your wedding day!