Yay, You're Engaged: Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Continued from our series…

So, you have arrived for your appointment at LWD! After our reception team shows you to your seating area and you check in with your stylist about any updates on your gown shopping journey, you’ll start browsing our gown selection.

Selecting Your First 5-6 Gowns: As you go through our gowns with your stylist, she’ll pull some gowns she’s envisioning for you based on your initial feedback and conversations. Of course you will also have the opportunity to pull any gowns that stand out to you. Your stylist will start you with five to six gowns that have different style elements and silhouettes to help you narrow your selection based on the things you like and dislike about each dress.

Defining Your Likes and Dislikes: As you begin the process of trying on gowns, your stylist will ask you what you like, dislike or would change about each gown you try on. There may be certain gowns that surprise you, causing you to shift your focus to a silhouette you weren’t expecting. Once you’ve decided on a style and silhouette you know you love, your stylist will pull a few more gowns that offer the details you’ve been loving.

How Many Gowns is the Right Number?: We find that trying on approximately 8-12 targeted gowns is typically the ideal number it takes in order to find the one and to also feel like you’ve tried on enough variety. We want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in your decision: for some brides that means just trying on a few dresses, and for some brides that means trying on many more. When you try on more than 15 or so gowns, we find from many years of experience that brides often get overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted by all they have seen. That’s why we’re here to make sure you’re trying on a targeted yet varied selection and that the experience remains FUN and stress-free!

What You See Doesn’t Have To Be What You Get: Once you’ve narrowed down your gown selection to one or two favorites, you may love the dress but want to change a couple things about your favorite one. For example, you love a clean gown but are missing a little lace and sparkle. At this point your style will discuss with you the have the options to add or customize those extra elements you’ve been wanting, whether it’s by adding something like a lace bolero or talking about customizations through the designer or during gown alterations. Most of our designers offer customization options that allow our brides to create truly unique gowns. For example, many of our brides lower the back of a dress, add sleeves, remove straps, extend the train, add or remove beading…etc. Don’t let one missing detail deter you from the gown you love: ask about customization options to create the gown of your dreams!

Next up, saying YES to the dress! Stay tuned for the measurement process and ordering your gown!