A Look Back at Bridal Market 2012

Photo Sep 25, 11 51 26

This time of year in the bridal fashion industry feels like a birthday, New Year's Eve, and the 4th of July all at the same time. As we prepare for all our buying decisions at Bridal Market in New York each October, we are literally counting the days until we get to experience the sheer joy, delight, excitement, and adventure that IS the celebration of all things bridal fashion at Market. We carefully consider our stylish brides' every desire as we meet with our current designers and potential designers and see their new collections, with gorgeous runway shows and parties all thrown into the mix. As we eagerly anticipate a VERY busy upcoming trip to New York, we hope you'll enjoy a few of our favorite moments from last year's Bridal Market!

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Photo Sep 25, 11 51 26

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Stay tuned as we tell you about all our preparations for this year's bridal market! We know it's going to be our best market yet. And don't forget to check in with Little White Dress Bridal Shop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram October 10th - 15th for live coverage from New York and in the days following for a full recap of all the fabulous details!