{LWD Bride} Milena's Wedding in São Paolo, Brazil


At Little White Dress Bridal Shop, we are always humbled and honored when a bride travels from a different town, city, or state to come see us. Over the years we've had brides come from all over Colorado, many different states, and as far as London to find their wedding gowns at Little White Dress.

But bride Milena was a first for us: she traveled all the way to from Brazil just to find her wedding gown at Little White Dress. We were thrilled to be able to give Milena the dress of her dreams - the Azalea gown by Jenny Packham - in time for her wedding. And we absolutely adored working (sometimes via Google Translate!) with one of the sweetest, most gracious brides we've ever had.

Milena was kind enough to share photos from her fabulous São Paolo wedding (we're still wishing we could have taken her up on her invitation to join in the celebration!) and she spoke with us about her incredible journey to make her wedding dreams come true.


Where do you live and where was your wedding?
I live in São Paulo, Brasil, and my wedding was in a beautiful place called "Bar des Arts."
What made you decide to come all the way from Brazil to Denver to find your wedding dress? Had you ever been to Colorado or the United States before coming to Little White Dress Bridal Shop?
I saw my dress in the internet, in the website of Jenny Packham, but they took about 5 months to make the dress, and I didn't have this amount of time because I really wanted to marry in August. I started looking on the web for every store in the world (really, in the entire world) to find the dress. I'm very lucky to find Cate Malone at Little White Dress. In the very first conversation she does every possible thing to help me, and she found the dress in my size in time for my wedding. I didn't think twice because Cate was so wonderful, kind and reliable - I make the reservation, pack my bag, take my mom and get a flight to Denver.
I had already been in US another times, including Colorado. I stayed in Telluride in my vacations (with my fiancé, we love snowboarding). It is amazing, we really love Colorado and other places in USA. Your country (and the people we meet) is special.




How did you know that the Azalea gown by Jenny Packham was the perfect dress for your wedding?
I just know!!! When I saw it in the internet I imagined immediately how perfect it was going to be. The dress was perfect, exactly what I always imagined. So, I knew I had to find the dress. And in the moment I tried it on in Denver with Cate, it was more beautiful than I expected. It was worth everything.
How was your experience with Little White Dress Bridal Shop?
I can not tell you how many times I thanked Cate for everything she does for me. Because for me the most important thing (after the fiancé, of course ;) ) will always be the dress. And she made that happen. Cate was calm, kind, attentive and she knows exactly what she's doing. I said to her, "Come to my party in Brasil, it's going to be incredible!!!" I think it was too far to travel, but, we are expecting her to visit in Brasil!!!!




What are some special wedding traditions in Brazil? In the United States, traditionally most brides do not want their fiancé to see them in their wedding gown before the wedding ceremony - is this also true in Brazil?
Yes, of course! In Brasil some brides stay one week far away from their fiancé, just to make the day more excitement. But in my case just in our wedding day we don't see! He was very curious about the dress because all my friends just talking about this and how I go to Denver to buy it. So, he knows it is going to be special. And I'm sure he loved it,  I saw in his eyes.
In Brasil we also say to our bridesmaids to use the dress they like. I ask my bridesmaids to not use black, white or short dress (because my wedding was in the night), and it is common to ask the bridesmaids to not use the same color of my mother and the mother of fiancé. But besides that, of course, the bridesmaids can wear the dresses they prefer. Another tradition in Brasil: you can have how many bridesmaids you want. I had many because we have too many and good friends!





What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
When I entered the hall with my brother and my dog (he is the most beautiful and peaceful dog). I just heard all the people say, "Ooooohhhh so cute." And I look in the eyes of my husband. I know in this moment, it is worth everything. I was completely glad with the people I love.






We wish Milena and her new husband Edgar all the happiness in the world! We are so honored to have been part of their wedding!

{Photography by Multimagem.}