Adventures at Bridal Market, continued, Day 2

DAY TWO, Sunday, April 15th New Designer(s):  Year round my ears and eyes are open for the latest bridal fashion trends, and the newest, or up and coming bridal gown designers. There are certain designers I hope to always continue to work with and carry, and at the same time, there is always interest in new or different designers.

In my efforts to bring the best of the best selection and quality of bridal gowns to Colorado brides, I meet with, and check out a variety of potential new designers at Market in April and in October. Today, most of the morning was spent with one of these potential new designers. Final decisions may not be made until October market, but stay tuned for possible announcements of new designers and collections available at Little White Dress!

Justin Alexander: Two Justin Alexander collections (named Justin Alexander and Justin Alexander Signature) have been available at Little White Dress for more than four years. These dresses are ideal for our more traditional brides, and brides seeking a quality, silk gown at a reasonable price. Justin Alexander skipped ahead this Market, and instead of presenting a Fall 2012 collection, they presented their Spring 2013 collection, normally not available until October 2012 at Market!

With a renewed commitment to creating a cohesive and complete Justin Alexander Signature Collection, and a renewed commitment of Colorado exclusivity to Little White Dress for the Signature Collection, our brides can look forward to six new 2013 Signature Collection Gowns arriving at Little White Dress in August/September.

The gowns feature classic, A-line, modified ballgown, or modified mermaid silhouettes, with ivory, metallic silver or gold linings under lace, lace, lace of all varieties and patterns. Lace is Justin Alexander's new "Signature," instead of the silk dupioni fabric of past 2007-2011 collections. 

Justin Alexander Signature Collection wedding dress 2013 preview

Did you know? An aspiring designer once had two young sons, one named Justin, and the other named Alexander. The designer now had a name for his collection of wedding gowns. Justin is all grown up now and running the business his father began.

Elizabeth Fillmore: Delicate details of lace, appliqués, and the ever-so-slight gathering and draping of fine silks create a stunning sophistication in Elizabeth Fillmore's Fall 2012 Collection. How many times did I say "beautiful" or "gorgeous" in 45 minutes at Elizabeth's showroom today?

There is a light and ethereal feeling in her gowns, which must be so peaceful for the brides wearing them. I LOVE the care and attention each gown receives as the designer herself is right there during their creation in her studio. These dresses are hand crafted in New York and made in the USA. And did I mention beautiful? And did I mention gorgeous?

Elizabeth Fillmore wedding dresses

Did you know? Elizabeth herself will be at Little White Dress on Saturday, April 28th for our first ever Elizabeth Fillmore Trunk Show 4/27, 28, and 29!

Liancarlo: Unbeknownst to both of them, I'm sure, I see Claire Pettibone and Carlos Ramirez, the creator and designer of the Liancarlo Couture Bridal Collection, as kindrid spirits. Their gowns could not be any more different, but they are both gifted artists who are deeply inspired by the world around them - evident in how they live their lives, and in the creation of their masterpieces. They are both very smart, humble and grateful people who work hard and laugh a lot. Each of their wedding gowns is a work of art, created with a strong intent for perfection.

Carlos's inspiration for his new collection was his desire to evoke the feeling of heirloom pieces, but with today's modernity (heirlooms also inspired Claire's new collection!). His feeling of "gentile opulence" is achieved with the use of luxurious fabrics, hand-cut satin flowers, corded Chantilly lace, and the subtle use of lyrical and jeweled embroideries. I am so happy and honored to have these gowns at Little White Dress!   Hand crafted in Miami, made in the USA.

Liancarlo wedding dress - up close view of beading done by hand

Did you know? Carlos takes a break every day for an hour long yoga class near his design studio in Miami. His daughter is the genius/producer behind this video about the making of a Liancarlo gown. For more Liancarlo gowns photo, click here.

Simply Divine:  Elizabeth Fillmore "Deco" gown - satin back crepe bias v-neck sheath with illusion-beaded "deco flower" back.

Elizabeth Fillmore wedding dress - Deco

Cate Loves:  The people and the stories behind the gowns.  And designers like Claire Pettibone, Elizabeth Fillmore and Liancarlo who insist on keeping the production of their gowns here in the USA.

Musn't Forget:  Flat shoes. In this world of fashion, I enjoy checking out what other women are wearing almost as much as the new bridal fashions.  Maybe not, but others are probably checking out my outfits and ensembles each day as well.  So while in New York, I do my best to teeter around in the most fabulous high heels that I can, but it’s the flat shoes tucked away in my bag and worn between appointments with designers that bring me such joy.