Adventures at Bridal Market, Day 1

Everything I'm experiencing in New York right now . . . Adventures at International Bridal Market, New York City, April 14-16, 2012 Presentation of Fall 2012 Collections

DAY ONE, Saturday, April 14th

For an outdoorsy born and raised in Colorado and Wyoming kinda gal, being in New York City twice a year for bridal market is similar to being in a different country. The excitement and energy of it all lessens my need for food or sleep, and I happily find myself at dinner at 9:30 p.m., and staying up until midnight or later, both things that could never happen at home in Colorado. It must be so many wonderful things, all combined in three days of sheer delight. Join me as I do my best to share all these wonderful, beautiful things.

Bridal gown designers are some of the most intelligent, creative, inspiring, hard working, interesting, passionate and fascinating people I have ever met. Rani Totman, the impeccably elegant designer of Sposa by St. Pucchi, Avine Perruci, and St. Pucchi Couture, and Claire Pettibone, the creative genius of the Claire Pettibone lingerie and bridal collections, are both women who continue to leave me speechless with the beauty of their creations year after year, market after market.

St. Pucchi: Raised in India and Bangkok, and fluent in four languages, Rani Totman's personal class and elegance are clearly evident in her new fall 2012 collection. Rich details, combinations of different laces, and attached sashes are some of the details that impressed me the most. In addition to three new floor length gowns for Little White Dress that are absolutely exquisite in their unique composition, for those brides wanting a short wedding dress, or a different reception dress, we've got two beautiful options from this new collection.

Did you know? The name St. Pucchi come from Rani's son - "Saint" is a common nickname in India for young boys, and “Pucchi” means playful.

St. Pucchi Designer Rani Totman at NY Bridal Market April 2012

Claire Pettibone: The magic continues in Claire's presentation of eight new gowns for her "Windsor Rose China" Fall 2012 Collection. Inspired by her grandmother, apparently who was "quite the 1920's bohemian," you can see influences in her scalloped silk wedding dress, her intricate embroidered linens she made by hand, her gold rimmed China with delicate painted roses. . . And a good dose of free spirit as Claire Pettibone’s gowns are simply SO pretty. I was pleasantly surprised to see Claire's "signature" guipure lace from the very first wedding gown she designed in 2004 "Kristene", in trims on the sleeves and hem of "Grace" in her new collection. Claire's use of beautifully muted shades of mauve, gold, blue, and platinum, combined with feminine and romantic silhouettes are the essence of her genius.

Did you know? Claire started drawing wedding gowns and veils when she was only 4 or 5 years old!

Claire Pettibone wedding dress (April 2012)

Visit a full album of photos from our adventures at NY Bridal Market Week on the Little White Dress Facebook page.

Simply Divine: This Claire Pettibone dress (seen below) is simply divine! It has a sweetheart neckline with lace appliques.

Claire Pettibone Wedding Gown

Cate Loves:  Paris by Debra Moreland wins the best display of bridal accessories and jewelry hands down.  Miniature black trunks with glass display shelves filled with absolutely beautiful things.  LOVE.

Paris by Debra Moreland Bridal Accessories

Musn't Forget: Like a kid in a candy store, I thoroughly enjoyed my visits with Malis Henderson, Paris by Debra Moreland, and J-Picone! I need to get another display case to hold everything at Little White Dress!  More to come on these designers...