Yay, You're Engaged! How To Know You’re Ready To Say ‘Yes’ To The Dress

A continuation from our series…

After trying on a selection of gowns, you probably have an idea of your favorite one. Once this happens, your stylist will put you back in your favorite dress so you can re-evaluate whether you still love it. Typically, there are a few ways that we know it’s the one.

The Gown Checks All Your Boxes: Not only do you look and feel amazing in your wedding dress, but it checks all your boxes for what you’ve been dreaming of! By this point, you and your stylist have discussed any customizations you’d like to make to your gown and confirmed it can be made in time for your wedding all within the price point you’re comfortable with.

You’re Can See Yourself on Your Wedding Day: After years of helping brides find their wedding dresses we found there are a few ways to tell when a bride has found the one. Often she’s smiling and dancing around in the gown, touching the dress, and admiring how gorgeous she looks in her gown. She starts asking about bustles and accessories to better envision herself walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

You’re Snapping Loads of Photos: Once brides have decided to say yes to the dress, her bride squad starts taking loads of photos of the bride in her dress from all angles. This helps brides remember her bridal look while she waits for her gown to arrive.

Up next we’ll share our measurement and gown ordering process!